Start of new forum for a great app (contacts, dialer & more)

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Start of new forum for a great app (contacts, dialer & more)

Post by camel » Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:29 pm

the board is on beginning ...

the new version 1.5 is a real big step to an app, which are millions of guys are waitung for ..
And the stock applications for telephone or contacts are very weak and buggy, and bug-fixing need always a lot of time. Also the support for exchange accounts, google accounts are very buggy on stock apps.
Next, android is a very open plattform, and every provider or manufactor build his own apps, which are often not on real RFC standards.. (see HTC or Samsung..)

Contacts - specially almost all stock apps forgot to fully support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Accounts (not all contact fields are supported, or wrong format of birthday, groups(category) not supported to add, edit, change, and so on ...)

My vision for ~ 5 years was, to get an application which can handle all the stuff with contacts, events(birthday, aniversary), management of contacts and groups, favorites, call history, dialing, sms, mms, email, etc..

Also there are apps on market, which can do some parts ..
-> birthday reminder -> ebo birthday (but buggy, not support all account types)
-> dialer -> dialer one (very good dialer, but feature requests or bug fixing - almost no reaction from devel)
so, why is there not an app, which can do all of my wishes ...
(example: a dailer is also using the same db for contacts, call history, events, groups, organization, etc..)
i doesn'T make sense to have 5-10 apps, which are using all the same db's, but not fully ...hmm :(

then i found the app "dw contact manager, where i saw a great potential, but whomis the devel, and wil the devel be ready to implement feature requests, so, that the app can do all jobs, which the users are wanting ? And can he do the changes quick ?
-> HE CAN !

so, my descision was to support this project in my freetime, helping to make it more accurate, and very flexible for customizing for every user.

best regards camel

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Re: Start of new forum for a great app (contacts, dialer & m

Post by viprashree » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:27 am

I used to send contact through sms in text format but now unable to do it
Can anyone tell me how to set this .

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Re: Start of new forum for a great app (contacts, dialer & m

Post by dwp » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:05 pm

Hold down the need to send the contact
And then in the pop-up menu to select share
Select the text
Select the SMS program

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