[ONLINE] Version 2.0.8

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[ONLINE] Version 2.0.8

Post by camel » Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:14 am


.) full support for android 4.0
.) Quick-Call (new window where user can define 1000 quick-call numbers , upgrading Quick-call-manager + adding interface like quick-jump)
it can be started via:
-> long click on * or #
-> bottom menu -> Quick-Call
.) added option to change icon width (see settings -> theme settings - for all icons, height is related on font size and which info are should be shown)
.) search function on events (for easy finding events on any name) is in title line or in bottom menu
.) haptic feedback option to enable/disable (for tab "phone")
.) divider line color
.) "Back key hide dailpad" -> ON/OFF (default = ON) If disabled, first click on hardware button "back" will close application. Otherwise it will hide dialpad before doing exit
.) new option "Limit call log on X items" (0=all)
.) FREE / REG / PRO version check on start (it was neccesary, because of new google terms)
(FREE version is now not upgradable itself -> so if advanced version wanted -> then you must install the REG(our homepage) or PRO version(google market).
.) UPDATE CHECK fucntion in menu.

.) fixed issues: if empty contact name fields (ex: only organization name) -> then search, sort and quickjump was not working perfect
(this cost us amount the most time of last weeks !!!!)
.) fixed issue: ignoring special chars on quick-jump (AÄ or OÖ, etc..)
.) keypad/backspace icon color set to black&white (now visbile also on white theme)
.) fixed issue: event tab -> if long-time scrolling on tab "event" -> after a change on an event - DWC crashed DWC (something related to some older android system)
.) event menu -> notification time selector - happen now in system time format (12 or 24h)
.) events - last month was not displayed on some systems
.) on tab "groups" long click on a SUB-GROUP - no function to delete or anthing

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