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Post by camel » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:13 am fixed:
.) copy/paste not working on android 4.0 (ICS - ex: dialerpad input field)
.) bug: grid view: returning always to firstpostion, if contact viewed or whatever ...(only in grid view - tested with back-key).
.) bug: filter "ungrouped contacts" is blocking other contacts, too
.) t9-search for phonetic languages (chinese, japan, korean, etc.. - more complicated, because we need a method to convert the text to 'phonetic', and then search.
.) color for quick-jump on events ->should be using the same color settings as it is for other quick-jump
.) bug on set group ringtone then select "set ringtone" again you'll see "ringtone by default" in ringtone-selection menu, so program does not remember what ringtone was set before.
.) many other small cosmetics + improvments

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