Changelog: 2.0.0 - 2.0.4

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Changelog: 2.0.0 - 2.0.4

Post by camel » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:07 am

Here we will post the changelog for DW Contacts & Phone (we will start here on version 2.0, because 2.0 was a complete redesign of older versions)
(old name was DW Contact Group Manager - but this baby was growing - and now complete replacement for all apps, which are working with contacts & phone -> so the new name DW CONTACTS & PHONE was born :)

for explaination on version numbers:
x= (significant changes to the program)
y= release (functional extensions of the program)
y= pre-release (functional extensions of the program)

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 + some redesigns in menues (long press, settings, text, tabs)
 + adjustable location for "incoming call view" 
 + show group photo for "incoming call view"
 + backup, restore, reset settings
 + creating new organization and title
 + adding contacts to the organization and title
 + new "T9 search" options (for better defining what should be founded on t9
 + creating an appointment for a contact/call (+ location + all numbers to notes) (on FREE version limited)
 + option to define default text for creating an appointment
 + sliding left/right to switch to another TAB
 + after installing 2 shortcuts in app drawer: "DW COntacts" + "DW Phone"
 + bug fixing: event notification working again: daylight saving cause, date of contact gives event error
 + bug fixing

 + Bug fixes
 + changelog window after update (because user don'T know the changes)
 + sending text messages: restored the button bar at the bottom of the list (some users do not know howto select contacts - in multi-selection mode provides a different "long press menu" to complete the sending of text messages)
 + option for event tab: Show events beginning from today.

 + complete new architecture + redesign of all menus (always try long press on an item -> brings a long list of new features)
 ! ATTENTION ! - the most functions are now under "LONG PRESS MENU" or "BOTTOM MENU" !

 + multi-language support
 + very flexible and a lot of options to configure the design & display(black & bright base design, which can be adjusted)
 + support for all account types (local, gmail, exchange, ...)
 + tab bars are , hide-, sortable and positioned for switching to different views (phone, favorites, call log, contacts, search, groups, organization,  titles, events, SMS )
 + search contacts on any attribute (name, phone number, organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, birthday, etc.) + voice search
 + support for layered groups, sub-groups (sub-group via "." ex: Business.VIP = Business -> VIP)
 + managing on single- and multi-select contacts, groups, organizations, titles (create, add, change, delete)
 + batch mode for sending SMS,MMS,emails on single- and multi-select contacts, groups, organizations, titles
 + configurable contacts viewing, how it should shown in list (display and sort order can be configured (lastname, firstname, nickname)
 + add, change, delete, copy contacts, groups, organization, titles in single- & multi-select mode
 + copy contacts to another account (example: copy contacts from local account to exchange account)
 + set ringtones on single- and multi-select contacts, groups, organizations, titles
 + create shortcut to home on any element (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
 + contact event management  on all contact events (birthday, aniversary) + support for lunar calendar format
 + notification on all contact events (birthday, aniversary)
 + extended incomming call view (show organization, group, notes)
 + call filter (blocking calls on free definable date- and timerange)
 + fully integrated phone (dailer)
  -> big keys for easy dialing
  -> full T9-search on all contacts fields
  -> display call history on dialer
  -> easy edit input number on all positions
  -> edit number before dialing
  -> quick dial last number
  -> quick dial manager (long press 0-9)
  -> icons for dial, SMS, contact picture
  -> send SMS, email
  -> share (text,vcard, call log)

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Changelog: 2.0.4

Post by camel » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:43 pm

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 + please take care, that you can now totally setup, what to display on your contacts in lists
 . . new selector (seperatefor every tab) which items to show on tab lists (inclusive 3rd line on all tabs)
 . . (selection of: Numbers, Organization, Title, Groups, Account icon, Contact picture, SMS button, Email button, Dial button)
 + complete rewrote tab "phone" (list+call log list)
 + cosmetics on tab "phone" (graphics, size of icons, + picture to get more space)
 + new option to show "call log items" on T9-search
 + new option to "merge call log" (merge same callers)
 + new "T9-search" option: "Use number search" (disable/enable)
 + quick dial manager added to settings menu under Phone settings
 + incomming call view: new option for sho x-lines of notes
 + sliding left right to change tab (start point must be begin on quite left or quite right side)
 + rearrange of long press menu (most important functions -directly / all other under "More")
 + new options for background color on groups, organization, title
 + new options for font size for 1st, 2nd , 3rd line
 + event: display in 3rd line account icon + short name of account 
 + on creating an appointment -> round time to next 0min or 30min
 + bugfixes on "Add number to contact"
 + bugfixes on showing contacts in lists
 + bugfixes on copy/delete/dublicate merged contacts

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