answers on user postings, which i found on different places

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answers on user postings, which i found on different places

Post by camel » Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:19 am

hi, i'm sorry, that the postings are not done in forum, because if someone wants a feature or want to tell us a bug, then i can't answer them...
the blog page from dwc is not the perfect place for it, as we have now a better place -> the forum :)

anyhow ....i searched on web for all questions or all negative postings, so that other user can read it here and find the answer.

my answers are based on version 2.03
justcin0803:The great thing about this app was alphabetizing my contacts by last name.
for display/sort on phone & call log tab:
in settings menu, you can adjust the sort order of contacts -> see: settings -> display settings -> phone & call log setings -> T9-search -> "SORT LIST BY"
also you can change the sort order direct on tab "phone" -> menu key -> "Sort order"
for display/sort on contacts tab:
in settings menu, you can adjust the sort order of contacts -> see: settings -> display settings -> contact view settings -> "Show contact as" + "SORT LIST BY"
also you can change the sort order direct on tab "contacts" -> menu key -> "Sort order"
justcin0803: The bad thing was that every time I got a call, the code for my contact would show up on the screen in the way of my answer button and the picture so I wouldn't know who was calling. I posted on the forum (as requested by the developer) to see if there was a fix for this and looked the next day to see that my post had been deleted. Guess what...I deleted the app from my phone. Its not that I dislike this app--the developer's intentions are less than trustworthy if they say to contact them with issues then delete them and not help you when you do have an issue!
Sorry,if your blog was deleted, can be only a mistake, and sorry, i haven't seen it never before ...
On incomming calls, you can setup to show the informations about your contact ("Background service")
see: settings -> Background service settings -> there you see:
a) "Y-Position" -> now you can adjust it, where you want to display the contact informations, also you can set there a lot of informations about caller ...(group picture, notes, organization, group, etc..
Try latest version 2.03, i'm sure you will be happy again :)
dbareis:T9 contact search doesn't work if your numbers are formatted!!!! Overall looks quite good.
formatted ?
in settings menu, there are a lot of T9-search options, where you can adjust your personal t9-search...
on new version 2.03, there are a lot of new options to fiter...
if you have a number with: 1234567890 (this is for chars, but explain it with the numbers ..
then you can use a filter: (see: settings -> display settings -> phone & call log settings -> )
"Match the first letter" -> like: "123*" (456 will find number above, but not: 458) (match must be found from beginning)
"Match exact part of word phrase" -> like: *456* -> (456 will find number above, but not: 458)
"Match words anywhere -> like: *2*4*7* -> (247 will find number above)
as you can see -> DW Contacts & Phone is very very flexible....if there are any questions left, please let me know...
andropeter Mar 8, 2011
Has completed frozen my phone, even after reboot. Took a long time to restore phone.
you treid this with an very old version....please try it again with new version, and if there are any issues, please post it.
sktle Feb 4, 2011
Good, but needs a DIALER. Then I would pay for it.
dailer is very long time inplace, and was complete rewritten on user requests, and what i heard til now, everyone is happy with this dialer :)
so, it is now a complete replacement for stock dailer & contacts
Jayjit: vor 11 Tagen
how to see contacts with phone number
if contact have a phone number, then you see it on 2nd line (see tab "Contacts").
if a contact has more phone numbers, then you can also slide left/right on number to change the deault number for this contact
additionally, you can set if you want to see dailer icon sms, icon, contact picture .../se settings -> display settings)
Simon: vor 16 Tagen
Update means I can't text to some people in a group please let me roll back the update
it is working for me, if you have questions, please let me know ...
(maybe you have only contacts in this grop, where is no sms sending possible (no phone-number ) or on sending an group email, only works, if contacts have an email address).
If you have 10 contacts in a group, and only 6 contacts have a valid email address, then only to this 6 contacts an email can be send.
if there are any other questiosn left, please let me know ...
Jun 8, 2011
Absolutely superb contact management software. Needs a single button to add favorites, but stupendous in all other functionality, best in class rating
you have now in all "long press menus" the functions to "add contact to favorites", and on tab "favorites, there you will also find a function in long press -> "remove from favorites". additionally, you can now configure the favorites tab, and how it should be displayed..( dailer icon, sms icon, picture icon, most frequently contacted contacts, etc..)
Jeff, Apr 29, 2011
I give up, good app but tiered of reloading my yahoo contacts every other day to my Droid X.
Please contact me when bug is fixed, thanks.
sorry, i have no idea, what you mean ?? why do you want to reload your contacts ?

cu camel

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