adjusting ringer volume within program

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adjusting ringer volume within program

Post by TheDoctor » Tue May 08, 2012 11:56 pm

Whenever I wish to set the ringer volume, I am unable to do so within the program, when I hit my volume buttons within the program, it changes the media volume. I can only change the ringer volume while I am on my home screen. Is there a setting that I am missing, or would it be possible to create a setting that allows me to select the option to change the ringer volume from within the program?
I really love the program, but this has bothered me from day one, I hope this issue can be addressed.

Thank you,

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Re: adjusting ringer volume within program

Post by dwp » Wed May 09, 2012 12:50 am

Hello Allan
Dial interface to modify the media volume in order to modify the size of the dial tone.
But I found a small problem and correct it.
Media volume should only be modified when the use of a dial tone.
Thank you

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