Reformat Contacts

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Reformat Contacts

Post by kirizan » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:28 pm

I would love the ability to reformat all my contact numbers. Over various flashing all the contact information is in a different format.

For example. I have two contacts Jim and Mike, and there contact information looks like this:

Jim - 555-123-4567
Mike (555)-987-6544

I would love to be able to change all contacts to the (555) 123-4567 format. I have not found a single program that is still available that can do this.

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Re: Reformat Contacts

Post by AlCan » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:39 pm

Hi kirizan,

I'm a DWP user. I had the same problem, but much worse! My contacts looked like this:

\Fred\\Flintstone and other weird combinations. You couldn't sort them or do anything very useful.

But I don't think DWP will be able to fix these problems. They are too specific to your situation.

However, fear not! It is possible to fix this, quite easily.

Do you have MS Excel, and is your phone linked to a Google Account - do you have all your contacts in Google Contacts?

Otherwise, you'll have to export your contacts, and you may have to use vCard format, which isn't so nice.

But I have written some Excel macros that can fix things like this, with a bit of suitable adjustment.

Actually, if that is all you want, I think it is very easy. Just export them to your SD card using vCard format and check what they look like. Copy to your PC and use Notepad. They will probably all be in the same format, which I think defaults to 555-123-4567. If you have Excel, I can give you a macro to add the ( )'s, if you want.

Hmmm. But you may have to import them back via Google. vCard may remove the ( )'s again on import. But I'm sure it can be done.

Either way, I'm sure it would be nice to have them all in the same format.

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