Phone Card Dialing

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Phone Card Dialing

Post by ktchong » Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:06 pm

I'm surprised that no contact app has yet to make phone card dialing should be an integral part of their features.

I have friends and family all over the world. I have multiple phone cards, one for cheap calls to (let say) China, another for cheap calls to Australia, another for Canada, another to some European country, etc. Here is how a phone card works: when I make an international call, I dial an "access number" on the phone card, then I dial in my personal PIN number, and finally I call the actual phone number of my friend/family.

Your contact app can automate that process. As far as I know, no other paid phone/contact app offers automated dialing for phone cards. Your app can let user designate a field/entry in a contact that automate the three-step dialing process.

You can check out FonCard, which is a free Phone Card Dialer app. It is the best one I've tried. Personally, I'd rather have a Phone Card Dialer that is integrated into my main phone/contact app.

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Re: Phone Card Dialing

Post by dwp » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:59 pm

Thank you for your suggestion, I will try it.

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