A text forwarding to email feature?

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A text forwarding to email feature?

Post by drkmwu » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:21 pm

Most cell phones have a cellphone number and google voice number, (or some people dual-sims situations).

While GV texting can always be alerted from its concurrent email alert features, the cellphone texting could not provide failsafe alerts unless you install a texting forwarding app.

However, all texting forwarding (to email) apps could not differentiate where the sources of texts from (ie. from GV number or cellphone number).

If there is an app that will allow auto-forward texts in realtime for those from the cellphone to a specific email address, that would be greatly useful.

Can DW develops this and include it as a feature in the future or makes this as a separate app; or does anybody know there is such an app out there?

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