Multi selection editing bug(?)

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Multi selection editing bug(?)

Post by Grass » Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:50 pm

Hi. there.

I`d like to ask about strange (IMHO) behavior of DW:

1.I have about 15 Groups in my list.
2.I selected one of the groups (for example "Auto" group).
3.Then- Menu=>Multi-select.
4. I select,for examle 2 contacts from this group, than "Long tap" and from popup menu tap on "Set group for contacts".
5. In "Add contacts to the group" groups list "Auto" group is not checked (Why?), but if i select another group ("Auto Spare Parts" group),as I wrote I selected 2 contacts from "Auto" group, then In "Contacts" Tab I see that this 2 specific contacts belongs to both "Auto" and "Auto Spare Parts" groups and not only to "Auto Spare Parts" group.

I hope I did manage to explane the problem, if not - I will try to attach screenshots later.

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Re: Multi selection editing bug(?)

Post by devin » Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:12 am

If you select multiple contacts. In the "Add contacts to the group" will not mark those groups of contacts that already exist. If we mark when you select a contact from the different groups, perhaps the whole list of items to be selected. Then you press OK, all contacts are added to each group. It does not make sense.

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