FYI: why is REGISTERED or PRO version need internet access.

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FYI: why is REGISTERED or PRO version need internet access.

Post by camel » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:57 pm

often user are asking, why DWC wants to access to internet. Internet will be used for registering, nothing else.
but asyou can see in detail, after a reboot,googlemarket licensing willnot have the information if it is registered or not.
so, it will contacting after every reboot and first use of DWc the google market licensing server on client. AN if not valid, then will google market access to google market database and requesting if it is legal.

only to be sure,that NO EXTRA USERDATA WILL BE STORED (excluded on registering via paypal, the device serial number + valid registration code will be saved on our server and no other extra infos.

i will completly show you the whole process, also i will post this on forum:

basically, we are having 3 versions.

FREE version -> is limited. no internet neccesary !

PRO version -> registered on google market (google account)
-> the google version do having the google market API installed, which is checking via google market if the license is ok or not. we do not have here any information about user. all will be done via google market API ! so dwc will only call the google market API, and then google market will check if license is valid or not. So, therefore could be, that internet is neccesary. THis will be tested from google market. and DWC will only check against google market API - nothing else.
BUT;i know, that if user reboot device, then google market check is reseted,and then it must be checked against google market. this is fully related to google market, and we have no chance to handle this on a different way.
as told -> NO INFORMATION ABOUT USER will received by DWC.

REG version -> registered via paypal or credit card.
-> this is like the FREE version,which can be registered. on registration process:
DWC will be registered to device serial number. so:
1.) on registering process the serial number from device will be send to our registration server.
2.) if payment is done, then registration server will send a long registration key to unlock the limited version.
SO we are storing on server:
a) device serial number
b) registration key for all registered device serial number, which we got only on payment process.
optional: if user do not like to do input the very long registration key -> he can cdo a single click on "Online-Registration-Check"
"Online-Registration-Check" do following:
1.) DWC will contacting our registration server, and send device serial number to server + ask for a valid registration key
2.) registration server will deliver back:
a) the requested registration key
b) no key (empty) if not valid

thats it.
so, i think, this should not a security issue :)

EDIT: extra INFO:

PRO version
DWC did not apply for network access.
DWC can not directly access any network.
DWC through "google market API" and the phone installed "google market" communication.
Link from the google servers "google market" to complete.
This user will be more at ease. :-)
DWC because there is no "send the contacts to the network" capability.

Other versions of Access Network
Update check
License check

cu camel

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