[solved]license problem on PRO version

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[solved]license problem on PRO version

Post by camel » Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:59 am

google market does give developers an API, which can be included for registered apps.
this we do on version PRO (google market version), too

so, if DWC tell you,that "licence check failed", then your google account or your google market database is currupted.
DWC PRO version do only checking the google market database - nothing else.

for repairing: please take a look on google or you can try:
1.) start "google market", and look if it loads your installed/registered application
if not, you can try to "clean google market database".

go to system settings -> application -> admin applications -> tab "all" -> find "market -> "delete data".
then reboot and start google market again, and download on google market any free small app.
then take a look, if your registered applications are back in google market list -> my apps

after that,you will see, that DWC will not show you a message, about "license failure". also if you disable your internet conection and try to restart,you will see that it is working fine.

if this also doesn't work,then please try to uninstall PRO version and install DWC PRO (via google market) again.

please try and let me kow if you need further support.

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