About an emergency call

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About an emergency call

Post by dwp » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:07 am

Android does not allow third party applications directly to an emergency call.
This should be for the protection of the emergency call system. To avoid the system to a standstill because of hackers or software vulnerabilities.
Therefore, when you use DW contacts to dial the emergency phone number, the system dial-up software will receive number. You need to again press the dial to confirm outbound emergency calls.
Please do not delete the system dial-up software, which can cause you can not make an emergency call.

因此当你使用DW 联系人拨打紧急电话号码时,系统拨号软件会接收到号码。你需要再次按拨号确认才可以呼出紧急电话。

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