not possible to buy or install PRO version (google market)

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not possible to buy or install PRO version (google market)

Post by camel » Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:12 am

hi, some users are having troubles .... so hopefully this trick help:

i know, that sometimes the android "google market" application is a little bit buggy (hopefully google is doing this better in future).

please try to:
1.) start old DWC - then save your settings (settings -> backup & restore -> backup all settings
2.) uninstall all DWC versions from your device.
3.) restart phone (then maybe the google market cache will be repaired)
4.) try to buy & installl the PRO version again.
(you can be sure, that a double payment is not possible for the same prooduct with same google account)

please let me know if it is working for - otherwise i would have some other ideas

another solution would be:
also it would be possible to install the free version, and then register it via paypal or credit card, then it would be the same as the PRO version, but is then registered to your device serial number (the *PRO* version is registered to your google account)

best regards - DWC support


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