did payment, but not registered ..

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did payment, but not registered ..

Post by camel » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:02 pm

a lot of user are reporting, that they did the payment process, and seems to be, that they don't read how to proceed ...
here again ...how it works.
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hi, thanks for registering DW Contacts & Phone,

after registration and payment process - you should got an email.

please read the confirmation email ! There you will find how it works.

Here short explaination:
After payment -> please click the "Online-Registration-Check", then look in Registration menu to first line: "Status".
There you see the status of the registration and should be "Status is Registered for device serial number ..."

or if then the the status is: "Status: Unregistered to device ...." , then maybe you had no internet connection ?

if there are problems - please let me know.

cu DWC Support


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