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Bug in Pro

Post by perb » Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:02 am

Since the last update, I am getting a white box on my Home screen. It has a horizontal blue line in the middle, and the text All Contacts (in Norwegian) I can drag this box up and down the screen, and if I press Home twice, it will minimize to a thin line. But as soon as I make a call or receieve a call it will show up again.
Can you please fix this - it's extremely annoying. Using a Huawei U8860. Thank you.

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Re: Bug in Pro

Post by dwp » Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:13 pm

You can drag it. Click the upper right corner of the Settings button to enter the settings. Click the first setting item, you can turn it off.
Here is the relevant settings.
DWC -> Settings -> Detail view settings -> In call widget
In call widget
8.7.1 Enable In call widget
8.7.2 Display when dialing
8.7.3 Delay to close
8.7.4 Close when Off-hook
8.7.5 Hide title bar
8.7.6 Contact fields
8.7.7 Select name field to show
8.7.8 Show the location of the caller
8.7.9 Lock the window position
8.7.10 Y-Position of info window
8.7.11 Limit notes to x lines
8.7.12 Limit address to x lines
8.7.13 Theme settings Background color Text color Font size

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